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The Best International Freight Services South Africa can provide

Moving goods via land, sea or air? Assured Freight has a wide variety of specialised services that assist in the handling of materials, storage of goods, bonded warehousing and cargo tracking. When it comes to leadig the International Freight Services South Africa, can provide no one better.

Our services include:

  • Freight Forwarding

    We move goods of any size into South Africa, or outbound to anywhere in the world.
  • Customs Clearing

    Without proper documentation and planning, imports and exports can be quite a nightmare. Through proper processes, Assured Freight’s experienced staff turn this nightmare into a dream.
  • EDI Systems

    Through the use of electronic data interchange systems that link all our suppliers together, we actively track shipments to optimise response times.
  • Consolidations

    To save valuable money on freight costs we combine diverse goods into the same shipments.
  • Special Projects

    From massive pieces of machinery to live animals, if you have any special goods to ship abroad or into South Africa, Assured Freight has the solution.
  • Custom Tariff Information

    Custom tariffs make or break the budget of any freight project. Our experts keep you up to date with the latest tariffs, helping you plan your costs.
  • Insurance

    If required, Assured Freight arranges reliable and cost-effective insurance for your goods. You can never be too careful with your valuables. As a leader in the industry we make every effort!
  • Agent Partners

    Through our worldwide network of agents and partners, we guarantee the best forwarding services at a competitive price.
  • Door to Door

    For extra convenience we deliver goods from your door, to the recipient’s door, anywhere in the world.

We guarantee professional and efficient customer care on every freight project we take on. If you’re looking to move goods, anywhere in the world, with speed and convenience, contact us today.