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Some Of Our Services Offered


Clearing Services

For your goods to be passed through customs hassle free, it is imperative that you have the necessary clearing documents completed in advance. We have years of experience in this regard. Our professional practices make international shipping a breeze. We are the among the leading Freight Companies in South Africa.

Freight Companies in South Africa

Forwarding Services

You do not have to worry about which transport methods work best for you - we have the solution. We are proud to be a top forwarding agent in South Africa. We have the capacity to send goods by sea, air or on-land via trains and trucks, depending on your needs.


Custom Tariffs

Custom tariffs add a sizeable amount to your international freight costs. Being financially prepared is key to successful transportation. It is vital you pre-check the custom tariffs regularly to ensure it fits within your budget. You can view the current customs tariffs, here.

Premier Freight Logistics, Clearing and Forwarding Agents and the best Freight Companies in South Africa

Whether you require the transportation of large pieces of equipment; mining vehicles; machinery or even reptiles and animals, Assured Freight has the professional solution. As a leader in Freight Companies in South Africa we have experience in moving a wide range of goods for small and multinational companies both in and out of South Africa. Due to our experience in the industry we have built valuable relationships with agents all over the world.

Everyone at Assured Freight strives to deliver on time, every time. This commitment and our vision to grow with our clients and partners is what sets us apart from the rest. To us, mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships are invaluable. Assured Freight Services is a proud and long-standing member of the national South African Association of Freight Forwarders (SAAFF). We are also members of various regional associations. If you are in need of fast, efficient and cost effective freight clearing and forwarding agents in South Africa, contact us today.