Why you Need Freight Clearing and Forwarding Specialists

Once you enlist the help of a freight clearing and forwarding specialist, you are likely to find the task of moving freight a great deal easier to complete. As specialists, a company like Assured Freight are well versed in the processes of the freight clearing and forwarding industry and as such can offer valuable insights that will assist in the streamlining of the process.

The benefits of employing professional freight clearing and forwarding services

1. A freight clearing and forwarding specialist will perform numerous tasks on your behalf including arranging and working to insure that any freight being move is properly covered by insurance.

2. Freight and clearing specialists like those working at Assured Freight will also gladly assist in make preparations for the following:

• dock receipt
• warehouse receipt
• certificate of origin
• insurance certificate
• bill of landing
• inspection certificate
• special customs invoices
• commercial invoice
• transmittal letters
• shipper’s export declaration
• draft
• consular invoices
• packing list
• export license
• drawback forms

3. Furthermore, freight clearing and forwarding specialists work to expedite the procedure of production as well as delivery. This is aided by the fact that such specialists know their way around the processes.

4. What’s more is that a company with a good understanding of the industry will provide you with valuable advice on determining the method of shipping.

5. Specialist will advise you on specific government import and export requirements as well as offering advice in the areas of international banking, trade financing, marine insurance and international marketing.

Now that you can see the multitude of benefits offered by a company like Assured Freight, it’s easy to see why so many have already recruited our help. Here at Assured Freight, we have the all knowledge and skills necessary to offer efficient and reliable freight clearing and forwarding services that will ultimately make your life easier and make the process run smoothly. So, contact us today for unbeatable and invaluable service.