Types of transportation used for freight services

Types of transportation used for freight services

Large companies, small business owners, homeowners; these are all examples of customers who might use freight services. Freight services use different modes of transport to get freight from one point to another, whether it’s across country, crossing borders or overseas. There are 4 different modes of transportation used in freight services:

Local freight is delivered by means of road transportation. Road freight services use forms of transportation such as bikes, cars and trucks, depending on the size of the freight. Road transportation usually takes up to 3 working days, but same day delivery can be requested if it is urgent.

Rail transportation is the delivery of freight by means of trains. Rail transportation is a great choice for national, international and intercontinental freight services. This transportation is popular because of the low chance of freight damage, but it is an expensive option. Rail transportation is also seen as the eco-friendly option because less fuel is burned during each trip compared to other modes of transportation.

Air transportation is the cost-effective choice for freight services. It is also the quicker option and is great to use when freight needs to be delivered urgently. The availability of global delivery using air transportation makes it a popular choice for the movement of most freight.

Shipping is a common yet risky form of freight transportation. It is the best mode of transportation for large loads of freight. The freight is collected and put into shipping containers to be stacked onto ships. Sea transportation is a cheap option, but it is not the best choice if the freight is needed urgently as it takes a long time for the freight to be delivered.