The different types of freight insurance

Freight insurance is necessary for the protection of your goods. This protection extends to the loss or damage of your goods due to carrier faults, weather-related issues and more. however, there are many different types of freight insurance that you should be aware of. Read about these different types of insurance below:

Land insurance

One type of freight insurance is land cargo insurance. This type of insurance covers the protection of freight across all forms of land travel, including travel by truck and train. Land cargo insurance will protect your freight from the moment it leaves the warehouse to the moment it reaches your doorstep, or the other form of transport. In this time, your goods will be covered for theft, damage and more. This type of insurance is only valid for domestic travel.

Marine insurance

Marine cargo insurance is a type of insurance that protects your goods while at sea – and while the ship is docked. This type of insurance is put in place to protect your goods from the weather conditions out at sea and for the loss of your goods due to risk of containers falling into the sea. This insurance covers international travel as well as domestic travel.

Air insurance

Much like marine insurance, this type of insurance offers the protection of your goods over international borders. Air insurance covers the damage and loss of your goods during the time in which it is being transported by means of an aeroplane.

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