The importance of documentation when shipping cargo

There are numerous documents involved in the process of shipping cargo. These documents ensure that its smooth sailing for your cargo, all the way from point A to point B. For most people, dealing with these documents is not their first choice, which is why many individuals opt for the services of a freight forwarder. However, it is useful to know about these documents and why they are so important. Read more about the importance of documentation when shipping below:


The documentation involved in the process of shipping cargo usually includes insurance documents. These documents ensure that you can claim for your goods should they go missing, get stolen or undergo any damage during their travels to their destination. However, even without these insurance documents, certain documents will allow you to claim for your goods should an issue occur such as a container falling into the ocean.

Loss of goods

The loss of goods usually stems from incorrect documents, or lack thereof. Should you not have the necessary documents for your goods, there is a very large chance that your goods could get lost or claimed by customs. The right documents will show every handler the exact destination of your goods and any other necessary information that will ensure they are delivered to the correct location.

Customs clearance

Customs is a major factor as to whether or not the cargo you are shipping will make it to its destination. Customs will usually take a few days, sometimes even weeks, to ensure that all goods have the correct documentation and can be permitted to enter or exit the country. Without these documents, your cargo may not make it past the border.