Why freight needs war risk insurance

War Risk Insurance 

Assured Freight offers an integrated and comprehensive range of freight services. We ensure a smooth sailing delivery of freight forwarding, customs clearing and specialized forms of insurance. 

It is vitally important to insure freight related projects and freight forwarding objects and logistics. In terms of the minimum legal regulations, cargo insurance is required so that the goods are protected from loss, damage or theft while in transit.  

In order for the owner or organization to be compensated for the total loss of cargo or machinery, the deprived shipment could have reduced intervention from a foreign state of power. This is ultimately done to ensure that the operations of the logistics are carried out as seamlessly as possible. 

War risk insurance can be described as the possible protection against theft or damage during transit, in the event that an unexpected risk of a war outbreak ensues. The various categories includes possible losses resulting from events such as civil war, invasions, insurrections, riots, strikes and other forms of terrorism. 

It should be noted that the war risk insurance can be offered a separate policy that is excluded from any standard insurance policies. Assured Freight communicates the possible risks to all clients in the event of specific risks in their environment. 

With the potential of possible exposure to certain threats and unstable political environments, it would be advisable to invest in insurance that is comprehensive when transporting goods over long distances. 

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